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Instrument Processing Course

With our up-to-date course materials, hands-on instrumentation training, and experienced instructors, our comprehensive and affordable course will guide you on how to successfully pass the International Association of Healthcare Central Services Material Management (IAHCSMM) Certified Registered Service Technician (CRCST) exam while thoroughly preparing you for your required clinical externship.

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Session Options:

Morning Class: Mondays & Tuesdays | 10AM - 1PM.

Evening Class: Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays | 8PM - 10PM.

Next Scheduled Session

Morning session will begin on Monday, May 8, 2023, at 10AM.

Evening session will begin on Monday, May 8,  2023, at 8PM.

*expected start date *

Registration Appointments for the Upcoming Sessions are Now Available.

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*In accordance with CDC health and safety guidelines, seating is limited.

Click here for the frequently asked questions regarding the Instrument Processing course.

Have you already taken an Instrument Processing course and are in need of a refresher course, need to cover instruments only, or are in need of an extern placement?

We offer a refresher course for students who haven't had the course in some time, who are having trouble passing the CRCST exam, or who went to another program that did not offer extern placement. Most students in any of these instances will opt for our 8-week program - which takes place during our current sessions. We focus on the areas of study you are struggling with the most to get you comfortable and where you need to be to move forward.

Upon completion of the 8-week refresher course, students have the option to stay for the duration of the 15-week course. However, a price differential will be applied if the refresher course is extended to the full session.

* Interested participants must be able to prove their completion of a previous Instrument Processing program.


All prices include Tutoring, Access to Online Study Review, CPR Certification, Criminal Background Check,  Drug Screening,  and Backpack with Basic Study Supplies (notebooks, folder, ink pens, etc.).

Paid Study Materials include a Textbook, a Workbook, Flashcards, and more.

  • 15-week Course w/ Study Materials and Extern Placement – $2,500 
  • 15-week Course w/ Study Materials; NO Extern Placement – $2,000
  • 8-week Refresher Course w/ Study Materials and Extern Placement – $2,000
  • 8-week Refresher Course w/ Extern Placement; NO Study Materials –$1,800
  • 8-week Refresher Course w/ Study Materials; NO Extern Placement – $1,500
  • 8-week Refresher Course ONLY; NO Study Materials / NO Extern Placement – $1,300
  • Extern Placement – $500
  • Additional Refresher Weeks - $100 per week

For a review of Instrumentation and/or Extern Placement ONLY, please ask about Ms. Denise James and the James Institute for Learning.

To promote and support the successful completion of this course,

Tutoring sessions are FREE and are scheduled upon the Instructor's availability.

Payment Arrangement

The overall fee is broken down into 5 payments.

A minimum deposit of $500 is required to guarantee your enrollment.

For example, for the full course fee of $2,500, payments include:

- the registration deposit of $500

- 3 monthly payments of $500

- $500 due at the time of extern placement

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Payments are NOT Refundable upon signing of the Payment Agreement.

Click here for the full refund policy.

Late fees will be applied if monthly payments are not paid within the payment window.

Extern Placement

Following the course, participants are required to complete 10-weeks (400-hours) of externship at a clinical facility. Our affiliated Extern Coordinator has various sites and shifts available. Participants also have the option to search for an externship independently.

Externships are:

* Monday through Friday
* 40-hours Per Week
* NO Holidays
* NO Weekends
* Unpaid (unless provisional)

* Non-negotiable

A flu shot, COVID-19 vaccination, immunization records, high school diploma/GED (or proof of higher education), criminal background check, and drug screening are 100% REQUIRED for Extern Placement. 

Exact details regarding extern placement requirements will be explained during the registration appointment.

Click here to schedule a registration appointment.

Current and former students are asked to complete this Student Survey to help us ensure that we are providing exceptional services.

Also, please take some time to give us a google review here.

Your feedback will be taken to heart and highly appreciated!